20 July, 2008

I Won't Be in Beijing, But...

I am a Ravelympics Athlete. What are Ravelympics, you ask? The Ravelympic Games is a contest (hosted on Ravelry) for knitters and crocheters to challenge themselves by completing various knitting or crochet projects during the 17 days of the Olympic Games. The rules are as follows:
  • Contestants may not cast on until Opening Ceremonies.
  • Projects must be finished before the flame is extinguished during Closing Ceremonies.
  • Contestants may "train" by purchasing all necessary materials, researching and practicing new techniques, and swatching.
  • Contestants must choose projects that are challenging to complete within this 17-day time span.
  • Unlike the Olympics, performance-enhancing drugs are allowed in the Ravelympics. These will likely take the form of caffeine, alcohol, aspirin, etc.
I am knitting for Team 4815162342 (can you figure it out?) and competing in four events: WIPs Wrestling, Gift Knits Pentathlon, Hat Dash, and Mitten Medley. My projects are Ann Budd's Fingerless Mitts from Weekend Knitting, Carissa Browning's Chromosome Cap, and VĂ©ronik Avery's Lace Ribbon Scarf. Here's how I'm thinking about it—if I knit the mitts, I earn a bronze; if I knit the mitts and the cap, I earn a silver; and if I knit all three, I earn the gold. It'll be a challenge, I think, just to get the first two done, since I'll be on vacation for the first week of competition and the Chromosome Cap has cables, which I've never done before. To add to that, since the Lace Ribbon Scarf is knit in fingering weight yarn, it'll be a slow-going project. But it shouldn't be easy, right?

Wish me luck!

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Amber said...

Good luck with your ravelympics projects. I am new to knitting so I am only doing one project for Baby Dressage --a very simple baby blanket. Good luck and love your new ravelymics button!