25 October, 2008

Conversations in the Country

: Look! A Christmas tree farm! I could have a real Christmas tree this year.
Carol: No, Jeeves.
Me: Why not? We should come out and saw down some Christmas trees.
Carol: No, Jeeves.
Me: Why not? Why can't I have a real tree?
Carol: Because no! Because you're not going to be home and then I have to water it!
Me: Bummer.
Carol: You just want a tree because you're high on country air.


Me: Sometimes I think I should buy a farmhouse with a barn.
Carol: No, Jeeves.
Me: I could move out in the country and drive a pick-up truck.
Carol: No, Jeeves, no! Farmhouses and barns come with acreage.
Me: I could have acreage! When you have acreage, you can let some of it grow up.
Carol: Jeeves, no!
Me: You don't have to mow the whole thing.
Carol: Aren't you the one who always says that you have to live within 15 minutes of a Target?
Me: Yeah, but I wouldn't need all those things. I could just knit all the time.
Carol: No, Jeeves. See, it's that country air! You're high on country air again!

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