31 October, 2008

Favorite Things Friday—Neckwarmer

'Tis the season to cover your neck. From vampires roaming around this All Hallows' Eve? No, from the cold, silly!

I love Sarah Beckman's Mock-Cable Neckwarmer. It's a seriously underrated pattern—only ten projects on Ravelry, two of which are mine. I love it because it can be knit in just a few hours. I love it because it creates a squooshy neckwarmer without a lot of bulk. I love it because it LOOKS cabled, but isn't. And I love it because the pattern is easily memorized.

My two in-progress neckwarmers, just waiting for their buttons...

I think that the pattern looks better in a solid, because you can see the stitches so much better.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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