10 October, 2008

Favorite Things Friday—Where the Hell Is Matt?

I've been kicking around a new feature for a little while now. One of my very first blogs was called The K List. It was meant to be like Oprah's O List. Since I started Knit Pickins, I've been thinking about having a regular feature in which I review knitting books, or talk about some favorite patterns or yarns I like. All of this has evolved into Favorite Things Friday. Each Favorite Things Friday, I will post about something that I really love. This way, readers are guaranteed to get at least one new post a week (but maybe more) if they check my blog over the weekend.

Some of my favorite things will be knitting-related, others not. This week is not knitting-related. It's a video that makes me very, very happy. We look different, the places in which we live look different, we eat different foods, we speak different languages, we dress differently, and we worship differently. But really, we're all the same.

1 comment:

Carlo said...

Favorite things Friday is a great idea!

That video rocks!