12 October, 2008

A is for Apple

I made the annual trip to Uncle John's Cider Mill yesterday, and I was so disappointed that the weather didn't cooperate. It was absolutely gorgeous. The Weather Channel said 74 degrees, but I think it was closer to 80. And too warm to wear my new denim jacket and red Tweedy Mitts. I had been looking forward to a cool, crisp autumn day, but it was not to be.

So sad.

The day was not lost, however. I did manage to finish one of Jeeves's Garter Ribs (minus grafting the toe) just before we arrived at the Cider Mill.

And we managed to buy a peck of apples.

Honey Crisps are absolutely the best apple in the world. Among their many virtues: they are never mealy, they are a perfect combination of sweet and tangy, they are juicy, and they have a long shelf life.

I think I'll go eat one right now.

1 comment:

Amy said...

I went last weekend, and tried to bust out the new peacoat. It, too, was overkill. :) I totally agree on the honey crisps!