12 October, 2008

Socktober Blues

I've got the blues. The Socktober blues. The KnitMeter remains abysmally, well, empty this month. And it's because I can't seem to finish this pair of socks.

Remember how I screwed up the first of Jeeves's garter ribs?

Well, upon further examination it was discovered that I screwed them up worse than I had thought. About an inch back from the above mistake, I discovered two ribbed rows together—the exact opposite of the above mistake.

Sheesh. Maybe it's time for me to pour a beer into one of my Ravelry pint glasses and drink deeply.

In other Socktober news, I gave up on the Through the Loops Mystery Sock KAL. Although gorgeous, the yarn I was using was thinner than I would have liked and it just wasn't knitting up well in that pattern. I'll have to find another use for it. Besides, gift knitting is more pressing right now. I have begun swatching for a pair of Spey Valleys that are not going to make it to their recipient on time, unless somthing bizarre happens this week. I desperately need for something bizarre to happen this week. Like a freak October blizzard. Or catch a highly contagious but not scary, not incapacitating disease. That way, I would be able to stay home and knit. Do you think my principal would have a problem with me knitting while I administer the MEAP?

Hopefully I'll still be able to finish the Spey Valleys and cast on the Blackberry Socks by the end of the month.

About the one thing I did do properly is knit a mitered square for my sock yarn blanket.

The above squares came from the same skein of yarn... Austermann Step in Brombeer. It's really cool how you can get such different looking squares depending on where you are in the repeat.

I decided that knitting the blanket entirely from my own sock yarn is just stupid, so I joined a swap. The last of Little Ford's Box o' Sox sock yarns were wound into 5-gram balls and shipped off. I should be receiving a package with twelve or thirteen 5-gram balls in return by the end of the month.

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