30 December, 2008


All the snow has melted. Really. Just as quickly as it came, it is gone, and believe me, the world was a much prettier place with all the snow. I wish it would snow, just enough to cover the grays and browns of a world that is asleep.

It's still cold, though. And my Christmas knitting is not finished. And I have some birthday knitting to do. And I still have not finished this project. Nor this project.

All of this leads to NaKniMitMo, or National Knitting Mittens Month. Carol of Mad for Knit started the movement, and not surprisingly, only a few days later a group was begun on Ravelry.

Mittens or fingerless mitts are acceptable for the KAL, and I will be knitting both. First up is a pair of mittens using Ann Budd's basic mitten pattern from The Knitter's Book of Handy Patterns. My gauge swatch:

The yarn is just lovely. It's Dream in Color Classy, and if you've never worked with it before, I highly recommend that you pick up a skein. Pricey but gorgeous.

I'm not going to make any promises or goals for the rest of NaKniMitMo, because we've seen what happens when I do that. Remember Socktoberfest? Suffice it to say, I have enough mittens to keep me busy for at least a month.

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Lina said...

I still have yet to finish my Christmas knitting as well... hope to do it soon!

Love the color for your mittens! It really is Dreamy! :)