18 January, 2009

Calm Socks

I am knocking off the UFOs. Unfortunately, they're not the ones that need to be knocked off the most.

Blee came over yesterday to pick up her mittens, so knitting with attention really was out of the question. I picked up the sock I've been working on since October 30. I was zooming along so quickly that by the time she left, I didn't want to quit. Besides, to say that it's been cold is an understatement, and I could really use another pair of wool socks.

I started by using Charlene Schurch's Basic Top-Down, Short Row Heel pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks, but it got modified so much that now I don't know if I can say that I knit from the pattern.

This pair is one of two pairs that I'm planning on knitting with this yarn. This colorway is cool and soothing, which is why I am calling them my Calm Socks.

And this colorway will eventually become my Crazy Socks.

Garnstudio Drops Fabel in Lavender Mix

Size 1, 2.25 mm

Cast-on 60 stitches.
Cuff = 17 rows K2P2 rib.
Knit 58 rows, including the row on the needles.
Work this short-row heel until 12 stitches remain in the middle and reverse short-row shaping.
Knit until foot measures 7.25 inches.
Decrease toe as follows for wider, less pointy toe:
Decrease one round then knit two rounds. Repeat.
Decrease one round then knit one round. Repeat twice.
Decrease four more rounds until 24 stitches remain on the needles, 12 on each.
Knit one more row even.
Graft toe.


Mouse said...

Hi, found you through Ravelry (comment train) great blog, love the socks, i've not mastered socks yet but have said 2009 will be the year i try....

Seona said...

Fabulous socks!I love that yarn. Can't wait to see the crazy socks