13 January, 2009

NaKniMitMo,Take One

It's still white outside. And it's bitterly cold. I'm pulling for a cold day. What's a cold day, you ask? It's a day on which school is canceled for no reason other than that it's frigid. How frigid does it have to be? We were debating that today in the teacher's lounge, and one teacher claimed -25 after the wind chill, but we just don't know. Maybe the buses won't start. That actually happened one year. Really, I'm pulling for a cold day. But just out of concern for the munchkins. Wouldn't want them to get frostbite at the bus stop. Yeah... I'm just concerned about the munchkins. Heh.

So, I finished the first pair of mittens for NaKniMitMo, and at the rate I'm knitting this month, it just might be the only pair I finish this month. I really have two more pairs planned, plus two pairs of fingerless mitts, plus finish this project, but we'll see how much time finishing the KNITTING FOR SMALL CHILDREN takes.

Photo taken yesterday, when it was much less frigid outside.

The thumbs gave me a bit of trouble. I had gaping holes at the base of the thumb where I picked up the stitches, so I sewed them closed before weaving in the yarn at the end. How did I do?

I modified the tip by decreasing on the sides rather than evenly around. I think it looks neater this way.

These are a birthday gift for Blee, whose birthday is not until next Friday. I'm ahead of the game on this one.

Dream in Color Classy in Some Summer Sky

Size 5, 3.75 mm

Basic Mitten Pattern from The Knitter's Book of Handy Patterns by Ann Budd


Jeevers said...

They look great-Blee will love them!

Rima said...

These are really nice! Nice blue colorwave!

(came here through comment train. See you often on blogland!)