28 February, 2009

Oops Aplenty

Wow. I really blew it this week with the yarn purchases. Aside from the 220 I purchased for the vest, these all managed to come home with me this week.

But here's the even bigger mistake I made this week.

This is a ginormous Thermis. Ginormithermis? Anyway, the finished measurements are supposed to be 18 inches in circumference and 7.5 inches from top to bottom. Ginormithermis measures 23.5 inches in circumference and 9.25 inches from top to bottom. This is what I get for refusing to do a gauge swatch. I had a sneaking suspicion it was too big, and yet I sewed on the pretty buttons.

See? Pretty.

And then I tried on Ginormithermis and was dismayed when I didn't even have to unbutton it to get it over my head.

When I told Mom that I was going to have to reknit, she gently suggested I make something that she can button around her neck rather than pull on over her head. Back to Sarah Beckman's Mock-Cable Neckwarmer, I think.

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