12 April, 2009

Mission: Stash Organization

So I've been kicking around some ideas for a combination craft room and guest bedroom for a while now, and I finally started to take action. Dad built me this desk armoire when I graduated from college just a few years ago, but when I moved into the new house, I decided to repurpose it. It was going to be an additional clothing and linen storage area. Which is stupid, because I have a walk-in closet, a regular clothes closet, and a linen closet, not to mention two dressers. So it's just been sitting there full of junk for five years. Not anymore.

Yarn is stored in crates and bins by color.

A rainbow of stash.

Variegated and pinks/purples. Note to self: do not ever let Small Children #1 and #2 see the box on the right lest they beg you to knit all sorts of things with it.

The right side of the cabinet also has storage bins for more yarn.

Neutrals and the sock blankie stash.

I also purchased some containers to store needles, buttons, and other notions. The cupboard isn't completely organized yet, but I made a significant dent in the past few days. Yay! Progress on my declaration to improve the house and reduce the stash.

Okay, stop rolling on the floor laughing now about me reducing the stash. Admittedly, the stash has indeed grown this year. But doing this made me realize all the yarn that I've accumulated. It's time to stop buying stash.


If you think I have a lot of stash, check out this knitting space (scroll down a little). Fantastic, isn't it? Totally cozy. This is my inspiration for my craft room, although mine will be much less pink. But I hope it ends up equally cozy in the end.

And if you think that's a crazy big stash, brace yourself, then check this out.

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photoknitdog said...

Love your new organized stash. It looks amazing... I can't wait to have a room for my knitting. One day! :)