25 April, 2009

Rectification of Stash Multiplication Situation

I am convinced that stash can reproduce on its own. Admit it. You know it happens when you aren't looking. The stash is fornicating behind your back. Don't be one of those knitters in denial. We know who you are. You think, "My stash would never do that. I taught it better." Wrong. Just think about the following situations from my own stash.

Here comes Mal, the sexy, slinky stash siren.

She meets up with Jamie, a rough around the edges dude from Scotland. It's love at first sight.

And voilĂ ! More stash.

This is just one of dozens of examples from my own stash. Here's another:

Ella + Cass

Meet Cass Jr.

Rob and Bonnie got together...

... and look! TRIPLETS!

I cannot watch the stash to prevent this from happening. A woman has to work now and then to support herself. So I've hired some help. Meet Scrappy, Stash Muppet and Chaperone Extraordinaire.

He's not too scary, but he is ever vigilant, ready to report any naughty goings on each time I open the stash cabinet.

Welcome, Scrappy!

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