25 June, 2009

Pesto Presto!

It certainly seems that this blog is more devoted to my CSA subscription and food than knitting, doesn't it? 'Tis the season! Besides, I never updated anyone on my New Year's declaration to get healthier.

The putting up of food has begun in earnest. Three cups of rhubarb were frozen several weeks ago, and some strawberries are soon to follow. I am determined to have a strawberry-rhubarb crisp in the middle of winter.

Last night I made three different types of pesto.

The first was made using garlic scapes and this recipe, the second using basil and Bobby Flay's recipe, and the third using pea greens and no recipe. I just winged that one. I used garlic scallions instead of regular garlic cloves, since I had that on hand from the CSA. And I used walnuts rather than pine nuts in all three batches.

The verdict? Nothing beats the traditional basil pesto. I cut my plants down to half their size in order to have the two or so cups needed to make one batch. In another month, hopefully I'll be able to make another batch. Basil is finally starting to appear at farmer's markets, so I can always supplement as well.

If you're interested in preserving food at home and are a Ravelry member, the Locavore group is having a put-up along. Check it out!

Next up? Strawberry freezer jam!

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Carol said...

Love the pesto!