19 July, 2009

A Knitalong

Come on. You know you want to. Everybody's doing it.

The Girasole KAL began at ThreadBear today. Aside from a few dishcloths (which don't really count) and my Dragonfly Socks, this is the first lace project that I've done. And I don't think it's hard at all. Well, now I don't. At first, I balked at the cast-on, which involved a crochet hook. I got all the stitches cast on and in the middle of the first round, I broke the yarn. I'm using Cascade Soft Spun, a single ply. Tried to spit splice it back together... no could do. Back to the cast-on again, and the second time I was much better at it. Wunderinstructor Marcia claims that it was no loss to have to do the cast-on twice because I must have really learned it well. Hmmm.

Anyway, I have to admit that I was wondering if this was going to be hard and drive me crazy. Like the Selbu mitten from hell. I keep promising Wunderinstructor Janine that I will indeed conquer stranded knitting and that I will indeed try again. However, I have yet to finish the stupid mitten and all I need to do is bind off the thumb, weave in the ends, and block it. Every time I open the project box, there it sits all wonky and malformed, and I think to myself, "Ugh!" But I digress.

Lace knitting is not hard. See? Look how much I have done after only a couple hours.

I am loving this shade of dark teal. It's called "Aporto Heather" and it's got lovely bits of green in it.

Of course, this means that none of the WIPs are getting the smackdown, but for tonight, I don't care!


Alexandra said...

The blanket looks amazing! I love the color you chose.

I looked at your mitten, it's very pretty!

SusanB-knits said...

Beautiful start! I haven't attempted a round shawl yet. I'm currently doing the Entomology Wrap, it is enough of a lace challenge.

Carol said...


VictoriaG said...

What a beautiful blue for Girasole!

(nonaofsav on Rav)

Samsara said...

That's a lovely colour! I love the look of lace patterns, but I have such a short memory that I often forget where I am in the patterns :-) Yours looks beautiful though!