16 February, 2010

Ravelympics—Days Three and Four

She steps up on the podium and waves to the crowd.

She receives her medals.

The music is cued. The teary-eyed athlete sings the anthem while all cameras are upon her.

Home of my heart, I sing of thee!
Michigan, my Michigan.

Thy lake-bound shores I long to see,

Michigan, my Michigan.
From Saginaw's tall whispering pines

To Lake Superior's farthest mines,

Fair in the light of memory shines,

Michigan, my Michigan.

In case you missed the performance, here's the photo finish.

*Michigan, My Michigan by Winifred Lee Brent, 1862.


Andrea said...

Your hat looks great! I like the colors too. I should've done my hat first so I would have been done by now.

Imene said...

Lovely Hat!! Thank you for visiting my blog!