18 April, 2010

8145 Eilers Road Socks

My good friend Carol finally got her second pair of socks.

Pattern: Sanders Street by Phyll Lagerman
Yarn: Punta Yarns Merisock Hand Painted in HP74
Needles: Size 1.5, 2.5 mm
Ravel them!

Carol is my friend whose family has the cottage on Lake Michigan. I chose this yarn for her because the colors remind me of the lake. Carol loves blues as well, so I thought the colors would suit her. The pattern is named for a street in Detroit, but I named it for the street address of her family's cottage association.

The pattern is a simple one involving ribbing and a four-row pattern repeat, but it makes a nice texture. It's the kind of pattern you can easily memorize and knit while chatting without making mistakes.

I just love this yarn. Why? Well first of all, no pooling. Remember the first socks I knit for Carol?

Pooling pooling, grumble grumble. What I didn't know about TOFUtsies then I certainly know now.

The yarn is also very soft, very nice to knit with. I bought two skeins last November at Stitching Memories when I was home for Thanksgiving. The other skein is absolutely gorgeous and is very nearly a finished Multnomah. It should be off the needles tonight.

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Good friend Carol said...

Love MY SOCKS! Cozy!