25 April, 2010

An Evening with Elton

This is what I did last night. Of course, my seats were nowhere near as good, but that's okay. Thanks to my friend Carol for an early birthday present!

It simply amazes me that Sir Elton is still going strong. What an awesome career. Watching him just makes me tired!

Ate dinner once again at the Green Well Gastro Pub and had a drink at (where else?) The B.O.B. before the concert. Must-goes if you are ever in Grand Rapids!


Andrea said...

Oh man, I am so jealous! I am a huge EJ fan. We got to see him when he came to Cleveland last year and it was by far, the best concert I've ever been to. I would definitely love to see him again. Sounds like a fun night :)

Carol said...

Elton still rocks-an amazing concert! Such energy!

Seona said...

Lucky you! I've seen him in Scotland 4 times now and also took my husband to Las Vegas to see him for a "big" birthday! It's an amazing experience everytime, and the band are fabulous too! Hope you have a great birthday when it comes! Seona