27 June, 2010

The Frog Pond

A trip to Cleveland for this year's mother-daughter vacation, a visit from my brother, and an afternoon of canoeing down the Looking Glass to celebrate my friend Jen's 30th birthday have kept me busy (and away from blogging) this week.

Holy Moses White Ale and Edmund Fitzgerald Porter, Great Lakes Brewing Company

It appears that finished objects have been slow to come off the needles lately, although I did finish a pair of socks for Mom.

Pattern: Escalier by Teri Charrois
Yarn: On Your Toes Bamboo in Tidal Blue Multi
Needles: Size 1.5, 2.5 mm
Ravel it!

Mom is allergic to wool, so I had to find an alternative to wool sock yarn. Despite the fact that this yarn has no wool content at all, I really enjoyed using it. It's very soft. Of course, she won't wear the socks until the fall, so how well it wears remains to be seen, but I liked knitting with it enough to use it again. The only bummer is that the skeins are quite short—only 328 yards. To do a larger pair of socks would require two skeins, but then there would be a lot left over.

I have also finished two other projects, but they have gone to the frog pond.

I know, I know. You're all screaming that it's gorgeous and why would I want to frog my Multnomah? It sat finished and blocked for a few weeks before I decided that it just wasn't large enough. I blocked the hell out of it, in fact, I blocked it to the specs in the pattern, but it just wouldn't stay around my neck. I thought about ripping back the feather and fan portion and enlarging the whole thing, but I just didn't know how to estimate whether or not I had enough yarn left to make it as large as I want. So to the frog pond it went. The reclaimed yarn is going to be used to make Simple Things instead. This way, I can just pretty much knit until I run out of yarn.

This was Whipped. I made it for my grandmother, and then I decided that she'd be more likely to wear a scarf than a shawl. So this yarn is becoming the Lacy Kerchief Scarf from the Holiday 2006 issue of Interweave Knits.

How about you? What projects have you sent to the frog pond recently?

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Andrea said...

Hey, you were in C-town? Great Lakes is a great place to go eat and have a few brews!

I don't have anything going to the frog pond. But then again, I haven't exactly finished anything recently.