07 October, 2011

Fun Finds—Fall Treats

I cannot get enough of Pinterest. You've heard of social bookmarking? Well, this takes bookmarking a step further. This is social pinning. As in thumb tacks and cork board, but without the thumb tacks and cork board. Stop what you are doing. Right now. Stop reading this blog. Go look at it, then come back.

Since I joined Pinterest and started pinning all manner of things, I've discovered lots and lots of fun goodies that I never would have come across if I hadn't joined Pinterest. Lately, I've been pinning quite a few delicious treats that scream "Fall is here!" and I thought you might like to check out a few. I haven't tried them yet, but they are on my fall agenda.

Who can resist a good pumpkin bread?
Pull-Apart Cinnamon Pumpkin Bread
Cream Cheese Rippled Pumpkin Bread

Some extra special to go with your apple cider:
Lattice Apple Cider Cookie Tops

As if caramel isn't good enough...
Apple Cider Caramels

And finally, when you get tired of drinking your favorite October beer (is that possible?):
Pumpkin Pie White Hot Chocolate

Go join Pinterest. Follow me, and leave me a comment here so I can follow you!

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