02 January, 2012

NaKniMitMo 2012

January is here once again, and with it NaKniMitMo, National Knitting Mittens Month. I am not going to set lofty goals this year, as I've found that it just doesn't work for me, but I would like to work on a few projects.

WIP #1: Breathe Deep
My Breathe Deep mittens are about 60% of the way done. I've got one mitten knit, minus the thumb, and I'm about halfway up the second mitten. Unfortunately, I didn't finish them by the end of December for the B challenge in the Stash Down A to Z group. Just like the Avery Cowl, it appears I'll be finishing these a few days late as well.

WIP #2: Magic Mirror
I began a pair of Kristel Nyberg's Magic Mirror mittens a little over a year ago and worked on them during NaKniMitMo 2011 but didn't quite finish. Again, one mitten is finished minus the thumb, and the other is nearly done. I gave up on them last year when I discovered a mistake, but I've probably only got a few hours left on these once I rip back to the mistake.

New Cast-on: Cozy Thermal Mitts
I have enough yarn left over from the Avery Cowl to knit a pair of fingerless mitts, so I'm going with one of my go-to mitt patterns, Karen Everitt's Cozy Thermal Mitts (also my C project for the Stash Down A to Z January challenge). I've knit this pattern twice before, but gave both pairs away, so I think it's time to keep a pair for myself!

I've got quite a long list of favorited mittens in my Ravelry favorites. I leave you with a list of new patterns I added to my favorites list in 2012. And I'd love to hear about what mittens you are knitting or what mitten patterns inspire you, so please leave a comment!

Whoo Gives a Hoot? by Elaine Fitzpatrick
Komeeta Mittens by Odessa Reichel
Peerie Flooers Mittens by Kate Davies
Perianth by Barbara Gregory
Carlisle by Jared Flood
Midlothian Mittens by Laura Chau
Day Trip Mitts by Debbie Orr
Peacock Mitts by Stephannie Tallent

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Andi said...

Deadlines -Bah! :)
Your Breathe Deep mittens will be done when they are done and they will be gorgeous as usual.
Love your WIPS.