29 March, 2012

Mad March

March was simply maddening, maddening because every time I turned around, some other shit was hitting the fan. (Sorry for the swearing, but sometimes you just gotta call a spade a spade.) March made me mad, both mad angry and mad crazy. And I responded by knitting socks like mad.

And those were just the ones I cast on. I also pulled three out of hibernation.

I'm saying good-bye to March, and I'm putting all but the top two socks in hibernation, and I'm trying not to be mad anymore.

Hello, April.


Andi said...

Spring has a way of bringing in the new. I hope April eases your pain and anger.
Now in regards to the knitting. You have some fantastic objects on the needles!
Take care of yourself and see you around Ravelry. XO

Kristyn said...

Sorry to hear things have been so crappy. Here's to hopinng April will be better.

Maryse said...

I hope that April brings you serenity and that every stabilizes and goes back to normal. I can't help to think that it is amazing though all the beautiful socks that have emerged from all this! Take care.