29 September, 2012

In Which I Surface Again

Hello, readers.

Late summer and early fall always, always bring a mountain of things to do.  Lesson plans and seating charts and syllabi and websites and gradebooks and bulletin boards and assignments and.  And.  And.  And.  The "ands" don't stop in late August and September.  And with a new schedule and less time to take care of the "ands," more of those "ands" have been done in my spare time as of late.  It's happening to everyone, and we're all feeling like we're slowly going insane, and we keep saying that something has to change, and it never does.

I'm still feeling pretty buried underneath all of those "ands," but I guess I'm starting not to care so much about them.  This morning I found myself missing this space.

I've got two doggers here.  My brother's springer spaniel Bear is visiting for the weekend, and we're about to go out for a walk, but right now they looks like they don't want to.

I've got a pair of red socks ready to be kitchenered.

I've got another pair that I've picked back up.

I've got all the fall season premiere TV shows lined up, ready to be watched (I missed them this week while I was taking care of some "ands").  I've got an MSU-OSU game to watch.  I've got leftover pizza.

Except for the walk and the socks and the TV, today I don't feel like doing anything.

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