28 July, 2008

Box o' Sox Take Six

I finished Little Ford's sixth pair of socks last week, and they've been sitting around until today. I find myself uninspired when it comes to staging photos lately, so if you have any ideas for cool baby sock photos, I'm all ears.

Before I get to the new pair, I must inform you that I've decided the socks need names. Numbering them just wasn't cutting it anymore. A recap...

Pair #1—Mini-Me Socks

Pair #2—Fallen Leaves Socks

Pair #3—Crayola Socks

Pair #4—Scooter Socks

And from last week's post...

Pair #5—Green Apple Socks

And now without further ado...

Pair #6—Pond at Midnight Socks

South West Trading Company TOFUtsies in Stand On Your Own Two Feet

Size 1, 2.25 mm

Baby Ribs by SJ


Knitterella said...

Look at all the cute socks! They are great!

Amber said...

Love the socks! I think the crayola socks are my favorite.

zenren said...

Very nice job on the socks!

Tanja said...

I like your socks. Fallen Leaves Socks are my favorite.