08 November, 2008

Favorite Things Friday—Saturday Version

I must confess that I didn't post last night because I was out with friends. At the bar.

I was all set to post this morning, only to discover that my digital camera is on the fritz. The display works, because I can look at photos already stored on my card, but when I turned the camera on to try to take a picture, I got nothing but black and purple wavy lines. Taking a picture resulted in the same black and purple wavy lines.

I called The Camera Shop, the only camera repair facility in town. The bad news? It's the image sensor, which will cost $160.00 to repair. The good news? The guy at The Camera Shop was willing to discuss the problem with me on the phone and did not ask me to come into the shop.

After some minor poking around the Canon website, I found this. I called the customer service number listed, described the problem, and the representative said it sounds like it may indeed be the image sensor. Of course, they need to check out the camera first, but they are sending me a shipping label. I got really good customer service twice today!

So... no knitting news or pictures for you until I can borrow a camera. I'll just leave you with this song, which makes me happy.

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C said...

It's a very "go with the flow" kind of song-Great advice Jeeves!