14 November, 2008

Favorite Things Friday—Scooter

Need I say that Scooter is one of my favorite things? He has more personality than some people I know.

I came home early today and learned a lot. The urban squirrels are back, this time not to eat my pumpkins and gourds, but to taunt poor Scooter.

About four inches of air and glass separate the noses of my Scooty and this evil vermin. Look... its eyes are literally glowing. That's just not right.

You can't tell from the picture, but Scooter was literally shaking. I can't believe he didn't try to go through the glass. After I chased the squirrel away, it climbed up the maple tree and sat there chattering at us from the end of a branch as if we had wronged it.

I hold the deed to this land, buster, not you. This yard ain't big enough for the both of us.


Jeevers said...

Scooter Rocks! Get those squirrels, Scooty!

Mom said...

Poor Scooter, nasty squirrel!