10 December, 2008


Sort of. Really, really needed a mental health day.

Worked on Project #4. Hmm... I wonder who it's for?

I used my Aqua Shell Stitch Markers from Tink Is Twinkling.

Although I'd rather knit with wood, knitting with metal needles goes much faster. Boy, these needles are slick!

Other good things about today:
  1. It was sunny. This is no small thing. Sun is hard to come by during the Michigan winters. Here's proof positive.
  2. I did some much-needed grocery shopping.
  3. I received the two balls of Rowan Denim I needed to finish Project #3. Thank you, Wanderlust. (Ironically, they were shipped from DC... they will be returning home in a few weeks when I visit Small Children for Christmas.)
  4. I found out that I may get to have my whole family together for Christmas this year. This would be the best Christmas present ever. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
  5. I made Grandma's chicken noodle soup. The secret is pickling spices!

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

Pretty colorway for the #4 project! and Mental health days are fine, i take one atleast once a week!