15 December, 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

It's my Knittiversary!

I began knitting one year ago today, December 15, 2007. I just decided that I wanted to try it. My mom had knit a scarf a couple of years prior, and one of my colleagues was a knitter, and so I asked my mom to teach me. She's left handed, and couldn't exactly remember what to do. So much for the teaching. I watched some videos, and the rest is history.

My list of knitted goods thus far:
Hats—4 baby/child, 3 adult
Fingerless Mitts—6 pairs
Cowls & Neckwarmers—3
Socks—7 baby pairs, 2 adult pairs
Dishcloths & Washcloths—14
Scarves—4 child, 6 adult
Burp Cloths—2
Baby Sweater—1
Baby Booties—1 pair

I'm not the Yarn Harlot, but hey. I think I've been pretty prolific.

To celebrate my Knittiversary and my Blogoversary, which is in eight days, I am having a giveaway.

The Goods
This skein of sock yarn, teacup not included...

PLUS a PVC Needlekeep by Marelle.

The Task
Post a comment to this entry. In your comment, tell us about a knitting favorite that we probably don't already know about. It can be a favorite tool, bag, or gadget; indie dyer; commercial yarn; knitting blog, etc.

The Expiration Date
The giveaway will run through my Blogoversary, which is Tuesday, December 23. All entries received by the end of the day will go into the Mysterious and Magical Random Number Generator.

Check back... once I post the winner, there will be a only few days in which to contact me by e-mail to claim your prize!

Happy knitting. Happy happy joy joy!


Jackie said...

As I was reading through your list I thought to myself "she sure is a prolific knitter"! You should be proud of all you've accomplished. Happy Anniversary and Happy Blogiversary!

One of my favorite knitting tools is my Lexi Barnes Lady B bag. The bright color was a bit to get accustomed to but I live in Florida and I LOVE the fact that it is waterproof. It has saved all my goodies from getting wet many times!

meezermeowmy said...

I just discovered CountAble today. It's an application for a PDA from the folks that brought us KnitAble. CountAble keeps track of 4 counts simultaneously, and can store an unlimited number of projects at the same time. (Like, what knitter would knit more than one thing at once? wink, wink!) Best of all, I downloaded it for $5.95! Sure beats the $30 stitch counter!

If you want more information, there is a link posted on my blog today.

Plumpy said...

Wow I think you have finished many more projects than I and I have been knitting for more years to count *lol* I think your doing a great job..

As for my favorite thing..I bought a mug,coaster, and bag from lys they dont have a website but here is where the pics are www.woolaroundtheworld.
The items all have white sheep with one sassy black sheep nestled in the group. I love them for the fact that some days I want to knit and don't have the time I have these sheep to brighten my day until I can pick up the needles again!

Estella said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Let's see...my favorite knitting aids would include post-it notes (I use them to keep track of where I am and also use them to move up on charts I'm following), I can't live without Addi Turbos, and Ravelry is the best thing that happened to knitting in years.

Robin said...

Congrats on one year, you really have accomplished a lot! My favorite tool has to be Ravelry, but I can't knit without my KnitPicks Harmony needles.

Kenyetta said...

Congrats on the Knittiversary and Blogiversary!
My must-have knitting tool is the internet. From Ravelry to KnittingPatternCentral to Knitty to YouTube videos to blogs. The net has been my most valuable tool. I learned to knit from the internet!

Janet B / jani22 said...

One of my favorite recent finds besides ravelry.com :) is interchangeable circular needles sets, even though I prefer knitting on straights!

You will always have the right sze needles once you get one of these and they're so portable - mine is by Boye but there are several options available!

Sophie said...

Hey congrat on your first year ! I just had my own in early november !! :)

My favorite thing in knitting is Ravelry, the knitting life is SO exciting now that I can't imagine myself being out of internet for too long...

my other favorite is my knit picks harmony and for sure all my stash ! :)

Kristen said...

Congrats on your knitiversary! :) I've been knitting for just about a year as well! Ravelry has definitely been the biggest inspiration to me, but the other helpful thing is finding books at the local library to get more ideas for patterns and methods. I'd like to try socks with magic loop next!

Mairi said...

Hey! Congrats on your first year! The knitting thing I like most isn't a knitting thing really - its an altoids mint tin that holds all sorts of things - darning needles, stitch markers, clippers and other random bits! makes life lot easier when you're taking knitting around with you

T.M. said...

Hi! Congratulations on the first year. You know what they say...the first is always the hardest. Now I don't really know who says that but still...
My favorite knitting thing is my Kachinka (sp) counter. It has helped me immeasurably and I have 3 of them 'cause you never know when one will break or run away! Theresa


my favorite things are ziplock bags....in all sizes. they can hold completed projects, yarn that i am knitting with.

i also keep old pill bottles to use for buttons, safty pins, etc

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Congrats to both events... and I hope you will be knitting and blogging for a very long time!

Ceci said...

Happy Knittiversary :)

I dunno if you've never heard of them before, but my favorite tools are Entrelac stitch markers!

Disclaimer: She is my sister but they would still be my very favorites, I swear. ;)

PS What a cool prize, seriously!

Ria said...

Happy Knittiversary!

I'll tell you about my personal most unique knitting tool. I was at my mom's and working on unpurled cable cowls for Christmas gifts. Her cat made off with my Brittany wood cable needle. Aaacckk! Well I was using Malabrigo Chunky and pretty big needles. So I used a knife and cut a piece of a wood chopstick and then a pencil sharpener to make points. and a nailfile to sand in a little dent in the middle. Still like Brittany better, but it worked!

cici said...

Congratulations!!!! isn't blogging fun?? I love your blog.:))

morgaine24 said...

congradulations on your versaries my fifth wedding anniversary is tomorrow. wow five years went quick. when my husband and i got married there was a 6.5 earthquake in paso robles ca and were in bakersfield and we felt it right as my husband was saying his vows to me. lol well the yarn that i like that im telling you about is kauni effektgarn it comes in so many wondeful colors and is 100% wool. i love it

adrienne said...

my favorite odd gadget would be a small superball. it is perfect for sticking in the toe so you can adjust those toe stitches after kitchenering.

happy alltheveraries!!!