19 December, 2008

Favorite Things Friday—Blasted!

Mother Nature has totally blasted us with her wrath. Snow day! Snow day! Snow day! Do I have to tell you that one of my most favorite things in the world is a snow day? And thus we teachers begin winter break one day early here in Michigan. Ahhh... 17 straight days off. It's pretty glorious. It's even better because of my recent decision to hire the best plow man ever. Any time I come home to a plowed driveway, I want to marry the guy.

If you're from someplace warm and sunny, put on a sweater, because you might get cold just looking at these pictures.

A typical wintry day on my street, taken on November 30.


Snow is almost up to the threshold of my neighbor's door...

... and is higher than mine.

Here is what Scooter sees when he looks out the back door.

There is nothing to do but stay inside and knit. I am working on some feather and fan washcloths for Grandma for Christmas. This is one Christmas knit that I can discuss and show you, since there's not a snowball's chance in hell that she will be reading this. I'm not sure she even really knows what the Internet is.

I have finished the blue one and am about halfway through the yellow. Then I can wash and block them to open up the lace.

After that, I'll be continuing my work on Project #3 and Project #4.

I'm also scrapping the worsted weight mitered square blanket after knitting three squares, and I'm in the mood to do something with all these crazy leftovers.

I just need a break from the Christmas knitting, so I may play hooky from it this evening and start a striped scarf à la Brooklyntweed, using the remnants instead of Noro. It'll be crazy and probably unwearable, but who cares?

Four more days to participate in my KnittiBlogoversary giveaway! Stay warm!


Lynn said...

I've always loved sitting in a house and watching it snow. That is as long as I'm totally gone in 2 weeks! Even living on Long Island didn't produce the amount of snow a lot of you are dealing with.

Stay warm with all those lovely knits you are working on.


Jackie said...

I'm from someplace warm and sunny and would love to have a snow day! Your photos are stunningly beautiful. The idea of knitting or sewing and seeing that out the window with maybe a blazing fire going....fantastic! Enjoy!

cici said...

I love snow from this view. Perfect for knitting by. Great photos:D


i love pictures! and yours are wonderful! thank you for sharing!

have you tried making dish clothes with hemp and if so, what do you think of them?

spvaughan in ravelry

Teena in Toronto said...

We got a lot of snow over the weekend :(

I've been making lots of fin and feather dishcloths too. I love that pattern.

Happy blogoversary!