15 February, 2009

Remember Me?

Hello, blog readers. Do you need an introduction to remember me? I am the Lady of the Cough, She Who Cannot Get Rid of the Disease Within.

Really, I'm going on week four of this illness, have finished a round of antibiotics, and although I have more energy than I did a week ago, the cough won't go away.

A little mosaic of what I have been doing in my absence:

Top Left and Right—Chopping this up into five-gram bits for a swap; Bottom Left—Fixing this so Small Child 1 can get some use out of it before summer; Bottom Right—Working on fulfilling obligations on gift certificates I gave out at Christmastime.


SusanB-knits said...

I too had a cough that wouldn't go away but after a round of antibiotics and another 3 wks it is better. Hang in there!

Stardust B. said...

As a participant in the swap, I appreciate all of your work! Feel better soon. Maybe some honey lemon tea.

Anonymous said...

Are these my mittens?