22 February, 2009

A Wee Bit o' Progress

It dawned on me today that the New Year isn't so new anymore. It's almost the end of February; the year is nearly one-sixth over. Wow. Where did it go? A lot of it got slept away, due to the neverending cough and accompanying fatigue. I'm still coughing, but very rarely now, and my energy is back. I won't say it's 100%, but it's mostly restored.

Despite the illness, I have made a wee bit o' progress when it comes to two of my three New Year's declarations.

First, regarding the declaration to reduce the stash, I have made moderate progress. Small Child 1's sweater is now off the needles and awaiting buttons (picture coming soon), as is Mom's Thermis.

Combined with the 520 yards worth of stashbusting I did in January, I think I'll be close to 1500 yards by the end of the month.

I've also cast on a new pair of socks for February and have joined The Great Sock Off group on Ravelry. This group and the Stash Knit Down group are keeping me motivated to knit from stash.

Hello. We are Dragonflies in Amber, and we are here to keep your feet warm.

Yarn acquisitions? Well, I did sign up for a three-month membership to Plucky Classics, a yarn club run by Michigan's own Plucky Knitter. I love, love, love her yarn, and I feel good about contributing to the Michigan economy. The January shipment was a skein of superwash merino fingering weight in a perfect pink colorway called Hey Cupcake. I don't have a photo (stash photography is on my list of things to do), but you can see it here. Even with the acquisition of this skein, I'm still down a few!

The only other new yarn to enter the house has been from the Blankie Mania group swaps that I have joined and helped run. My pile of five-gram balls, skeins, and "bow-ties" has grown significantly in the past couple of months. But this doesn't really count as stash, right?

Playing with the colors makes me happy. It's like having a box of crayons in yarn.

I knit a few squares. Just a few. Just to keep the mound down to a respectable level. You know, it sits on my coffee table, and after all, I would like to be able to see the TV from the couch.

I have also been working on my declaration to get healthier, particularly when it comes to eating local. Lots and lots of news on that front, but I'll have to come back and let you know about my discoveries soon. I'm out of energy for tonight! And aren't the Oscars on or something?


photoknitdog said...

1500 yards is pretty impressive. Congrats! :)

Love the pretty colors and how you keep all your "bow ties" in one place. Mine are scattered everywhere... I should probably try to get them together, though!

Bricklyrknitter said...

Beautiful pictures! First time on your blog, I think I recognize one of the yarns in that bottom picture from a swap I sent in to! :) Nice work!