08 April, 2009

Fuzzy Wuzzy Felicity

FOs have not been flying off the needles this year, but I finished my Felicity a while ago and have been waiting for a good hat model to come along. Alas, no one has, so I give you the hat blocked but not modeled.

The yarn is from a Chilean company and is 60% angora and 40% merino. So, so soft. It's got the perfect slouch factor for the Felicity.

The yarn is also so, so fuzzy. Fuzzy wuzzy. Shake your head and watch the rabbit hairs fly through the air. Check out the halo on this thing.

I am made of Little Bunny Foo Foo and therefore I am fuzzy wuzzy.

Lanas Romanina Angora 60% in colorway #149

Size 5, 3.75 mm and size 7, 4.5 mm

Felicity by Wanett Clyde

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