31 August, 2009

Project Spectrum Update

I finally finished a Project Spectrum project! Whee!

These socks were knit for Project Spectrum East. My inspiration came from the color and the element for this direction—yellow and air. This lovely shade of gold and a lace sock were perfect for this direction.

Crazy4Dyeing BellaSock in Heart of Gold

Size 1, 2.5 mm

Dragonfly Socks by Jocelyn Sertich

I knit five pattern repeats for the leg and six for the foot. Instead of a heel flap, I substituted my favorite short-row heel. I also substituted a more rounded toe as per my Desk Drawer Socks.

In other PS news, my Earth and Rock scarf (PS North) is off the needles but is still a scribbly, twisty mess. It needs a serious blocking. And I have the cuff and part of the leg done for a sock that is perfect for the South theme.. but more on that later! PS West starts tomorrow and runs for the next two months. Hopefully I'll have everything finished by Halloween.

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