05 December, 2009

Amusements While You Wait

I am still in the throes of Christmas gift knitting. It's not too bad this year, really, as I have promised myself that I will not stress about it. I am knitting for only four people, perhaps a fifth if I have time, and the gifts are relatively small and quick. All other projects are in hibernation mode until the Christmas gifts get finished, although I did knit a few squares on the neverending sock yarn blanket yesterday.

So in the meantime while you wait for a finished project post, I have stumbled across another knitting podcast I'd like to recommend, Electric Sheep by Hoxton Handmade. Love it. If her British accent alone isn't enough to keep you riveted, the content is. She does an essay at the beginning of every episode as well as the usual "what's on the needles" and review sections. Extremely well-written and thoughtful. And she also typically discusses a hilarious YouTube video, or a strange website, or a neat shop she has found. I'll leave you with one of my favorites.

Combine some crazy Welsh dudes, a flock of sheep, some extremely ambitious sheepdogs, LED lights, and time-lapse photography, and what do you get?

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