08 November, 2009

Random Sunday

Just a random assortment of stuff going on around here...

I have been sick with the cough-congestion crud for over a week now. It needs to go away.

It's the end of the first quarter. Grades due Friday. Lots of papers to grade in between now and then. Blech.

Today is gorgeous. Why does it have to be gorgeous on a day in which I have many papers to grade? Not fair.

I have a lot of squash. And quite a few beans. I want to cook something with them, but I don't know what. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

Gift knitting has commenced in earnest with Christmas right around the corner and three babies on the way. Still working on these socks...

... these mitts are almost done...

... as you can see, so is this baby jacket, as it's currently on the blocking board...

... and I am trying to swatch for a pair of socks in this yarn, but the yarn is tangled.

If I have yarn, it will tangle at some point. Trust me.

I just blocked six more squares for the Barn-Raising Quilt, but this project is in hibernation due to gift knitting.

Most projects are in hibernation due to gift knitting, but I have pledged that I will not kill myself. So if you get something handknit for Christmas this year, lucky you. If not, I am sorry in advance.

It's 1:23 and I really, really need shower, so off I go!

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