20 January, 2010

Citius, Altius, Fortius

Yeah, I'm such a nerd. I know.

The Vancouver Winter Olympic Games are right around the corner, and of course this can mean only one thing...


All hail Adonis Dionysus Bobicus Maximus!

Of course I will be competing in the games, but this year I am also the captain of Team Michigan. Are you a Michigander AND a knitter OR a crocheter OR a weaver OR a spinner OR a designer AND a Raveler? Come join us!

I am only competing in one event this year—WIPs Dancing. Heh. Yeah, I've got some WIPs that need to be whipped up and off the needles... four pairs of socks in progress, as a matter of fact.

Sparkling Mango Socks
30% finished, 70% to go

Cozy Toes I

50% finished, 50% to go

Red Rivulets

60% finished, 40% to go


40% finished, 60% to go!

With all my captain duties, I think this will be plenty!

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