31 January, 2010

FO Frenzy

Finished objects have been flying off the needles here at Bungalow 312! I only have pictures of two today, because one project still needs buttons (Baby Mania, Take Two) and another needs a serious blocking before it's ready for the camera.

These are a pair of Susie's Reading Mitts for a Christmas/birthday gift for my friend and coworker, Wizzie. No, Wizzie is not her first name, in case you are worried. I just love the turned hem of these mitts. It looks like a picot edge but is much neater. This was my first time working with Malabrigo Silky Merino, too. Pretty awesome stuff.

I also knit a matching cowl. And it just dawned on me that Wizzie is only second in photogenicity to the mother of Small Children. I'll have to remember this when I need a knitwear model.

Wizzie's best Zoolander pose.

My goal over the next couple of months is to finish all UFOs with the exception of the Sock Yarn Blanket and the Barn-Raising Quilt. Considering that I just cast on two new projects yesterday, this may be a bit ambitious, but I think it's possible to do it by the end of March. My plan of action:

Finish my Cruiser mittens and Baby Mania, Take Three before the Ravelympics begins.

Sweater, Baby Mania, Take Three. Yeah, you know the one. It was only a matter of time before this would jump on my needles.

This is the pair of socks I started yesterday for my good friend Carol. I am hoping to have a good start on these before the Ravelympics.

Yes, they are stranded. Yes, I am doing stranded knitting again. No, the selbuvotter mitten debacle did not deter me. Yes, I am holding one color in each hand. Yes, I am using my left hand to knit. No, I am not hating it. Yes, I am surprised.

I have the four pairs of socks to finish during the Ravelympics, and then in March I will finish the stranded socks and also my Girasole, which has been hibernating for far too long.

It's a bit bigger than this, but not too much.

After all of that, I will be able to knit whatever I want. What a concept. Wow. And with the size of my stash, the possibilities are pretty endless.

And I also just might be sick of teal, turquoise, and blue.

Susie's Reading Mitts by Janelle Masters

Malabrigo Silky Merino in Turquoise

Size 5, 3.75 mm for mitts
Size 7, 4.5 mm for cowl

Check them out on my project page!


Andrea said...

I think I'm in love with the mitts! The color is gorgeous and silky merino is fabulous, what's not to love?

sue said...

What wonderful mitts and the cowl looks great too, beautiful color. I really like those stranded socks you are knitting up too.

Good friend Carol said...

Nice knitting-great pictures Wizzy!