12 February, 2010

Ravelympics—Opening Ceremonies

A dastardly thing has happened only a few short hours before the Opening Ceremonies. I was reminded by my mother (who else?) that I really should be sending a baby gift to our longtime German friend whose wedding we attended a few years back. Ahem. To yarn shop I went and completely changed my Ravelympics projects. This isn't very captainlike, I know. Should have had the projects all properly tagged two days ago when the tagging tool was turned on.

But 'tis three hours 'til showtime, and I am ready to go.

The final verdict:
  1. The Baby Cable Wrap Sweater will be competing in the Junior Olympics in both Cable Cross Country and Sweaterboard Cross.
  2. The Red Rivulets and Sparkling Mango Socks will be competing in WIPs Dancing.
  3. The Ruffled Baby Hat will be competing in the Junior Olympics in the Hat Halfpipe.
  4. The Prepared for Vancouver? hat will be competing in the Hat Halfpipe and Charity Curling.
Scooter is ready, too.

I am Scooticus Scarfanbarficus, and I will not be outdone by a canine.

What a day it has been in Vancouver. First off, I want everyone to say a prayer for the family of luger Nodar Kumaritashvili of Georgia. He was only 21, and he died today during a practice run. It must be terribly sad to lose someone so young, just when his family and his country were ready to celebrate his accomplishments.

And in celebration of tonight's Opening Ceremonies, I want to give a big Team Michigan HURRAH! to Michigander Mark Grimmette, who will be Team USA's flag bearer. What an honor! (And also please prayers for Grimmette, as he is also a luger and will be sliding down that slick, tricky course very soon.)

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Andrea said...

I think I'm in love with the baby hat. It is super adorable. Good luck to you and your team!