13 February, 2010

Ravelympics—Day One

Scooticus and I thoroughly enjoyed the Opening Ceremonies last night.

Scooticus watches Team Canada enter the stadium. He thinks that Team Canada's mittens and Team USA's hats are very fetching, and if he had opposable thumbs and a bigger head he would wear them.

I do have to say, however, that the beginning was a bit anticlimactic. I was so ready. I had changed into my comfy clothes, gotten a beverage from the fridge, and had inserted my size 1 Hiya Hiya circulars back into the Red Rivulets sock, which had been taken out when I needed them for another project a few months ago. I sat down in front of the television with about seven minutes to spare, confident that I could easily figure out where I was in the pattern. After all, it's only a six-row lace repeat, and not very complicated.

And that's when I discovered it. I had knit the last row incorrectly! I had to tink back a row. Would this be considered cheating? I'm not sure how the International Ravelympics Committee would rule on this one, but I definitely did not want to start the competition by working backwards. So I tinked that row as quickly as I could and still had a couple of minutes to spare.

My needle went through that first stitch at the end of the countdown, and I was off.

Three rows later, I realized I read the chart wrong and had SSK every place I should have K2TOG. Rippit! Rippit!

Still, I did make some progress last evening. I finished the foot and have two rows of the gusset done.

Everything "north" of the bamboo needle was knit last night. Hmm... I may need to work a little harder in order to finish all my projects.

Today's goal is to work more on the sock and to get a jump start on the hat I will be knitting for Our Lady of Perpetual Fiber's Mitten Mania charity event that is tomorrow. I also need to finish up some other projects that need ends weaved and buttons sewn on.

Before I leave, Scooticus Scarfanbarficus wanted me to show you this video.

Scooticus would like to meet Miga, Quatchi, Sumi, and Mukmuk very much. He believes that much as the games can foster a better relationship between nations who might disagree with each other on the world stage, so can they foster a better relationship between domestic and wild animals.


carol said...

How can one person be such a clever blogger and such a nerd at the same time>

iggystar said...

Scooticus Scarfanbarficus....best..name..ever.