06 August, 2010

B312SC July: Wavy Tesseraes

Yesterday I finished the July 2010 edition of the Bungalow 312 Sock Club (B312SC). I finished a few days late, but not too bad as far as these things go.

Pattern: Tesserae by Anne Hanson
Yarn: ThreadBear Fiber Arts Rob's Hand-Dyed Sock in Faded Jeans
Needles: Size 1, 2.25 mm
Ravel it!

The pattern is designed for solid sock yarn. After I knit about half of the leg, I was unsure as to whether or not I should continue. The variegation of the yarn was obscuring the stitch pattern. But I also liked how the waves in the pattern made the colorway look like, well, waves. And since these are for Carol and her favorite place in the whole wide world is her parents' private beach on Lake Michigan, I figured maybe this was meant to be.

These are the third pair of birthday socks I have knit for Carol... do you see a color scheme?

No blue socks for her next year. She needs to break out of her blue rut!

I am currently working on two pairs of socks, one of which will end up being the August edition of the club. The first is a pair of Spot Checks.

This is the colorwork challenge that I finally settled on after beginning and frogging at least two other socks. I am loving the way the eyeblaster yarn is popping against the navy, but doing colorwork socks has been a serious challenge for me. For those of you not-in-the-know, stranded knitting has little to no stretch. Therefore, fitting the cankles you see above can be quite difficult. Essentially, I knit the leg of the large sock, even though I usually knit a medium size, and I had to do some decreasing as I neared the heel flap. Not sure how well this will work; I'm going to have to knit the heel flap and continue before I decide whether it will fit well or not.

The other sock I'm working on is Kristen Kapur's Mystery Sock from Socktoberfest 2009 that I began last October. I have finished the first sock and am halfway down the leg of the second!

Lots of traveling and family/friends time this summer! Trip to North Carolina, a few days at Lake Michigan, Camp Auntie Kim, a day in Ann Arbor with Mom. I leave for Traverse City tomorrow, for Bear-Moose 2010. I can't believe that this is our fifth trip together. Small Child #1 was wee when we started these family vacations, and look at her now!

More vacation photos upon my return!

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andi said...

I love any socks that fit kankles! I love colorwork, but yet they are not that stretchy. Your colorwork socks make me want to cast on some of my own. Enjoy your vacation!