11 October, 2009

Socktoberfest 2009

October, and therefore Socktober, is once again upon us. Unlike last year, when I spent a 74-degree day at Uncle John's, this October has been chilly and rainy. The sun is out today in full force after a week of gray, rainy days, but as I write this, it's only 38 degrees.

Brrr. Time for knitting woolly socks.

Want some sock-knitting inspiration? Check out these finished projects. These knitters have committed themselves to the 52 Pair Plunge, a challenge to knit a pair of socks each week for an entire year. I think they are crazy, but I have to admit, they do beautiful work.

My Socktoberfest progress to date:

One pair is for me. One pair is going to be a gift for someone... but I'm not telling who!

The red pair is Wendy Johnson's Rivulets, my first toe-up pair. I'm knitting these for the Sock Knitter's Anonymous Sockdown! September challenge. The blue pair is Kristen Kapur's Mystery Sock '09, knit through the first clue. Kristen posts a new clue each Thursday. I haven't started the second clue yet, because I've also been knitting these:

A pair of tailgating mitts for my friend Jen. I hope they turn out well. If they do, I may have to make a pair for myself. Homecoming is next Saturday, and the Six South Sloths are reuniting. It's been a long time since I went to a tailgate, and even longer since I tailgated with the Sloths. Good times.


Carol Jean said...

Jen's mitts look good, Jeeves!

Andrea said...

Your socks look so beautiful. I can't believe you haven't been knitting for ages. You're so good at it!

SusanB-knits said...

Love the socks! I had to check out Through the Loops... and then bookmarked it!
Can't wait to see the finished mitts.