05 February, 2011

A Plucky Day

Mission accomplished!

Why didn't I take my coat off before getting my picture taken? I had on a pretty cute outfit today. Sheesh.

In case you don't recognize her, the woman in the photo with me is Sarah Dimond, aka The Plucky Knitter. Isn't she just the cutest person you have seen in a long, long time? I have been waiting to meet her ever since I found out she is a Michigander and since I was a member of the Plucky Classics Club a couple of years ago. She was so, so nice, talking about the different bases of yarn she uses and showing some of the samples knit in her yarn. The one she is wearing in the photo certainly caught my eye. It's Vine Loop by Melissa LaBarre knit in Primo Worsted, the yarn that I went to get (but got something else, which I explain below).

She also had the Cilantro there, knit from her Superwash Merino Worsted. This is a nifty little pattern. It's an asymmetrical triangle shawl/scarf. Sarah and I both share(d) an aversion to knitting pointy shawls that may make us look like grannies. She has since been converted, but I am still on the fence. However, the fact that the point of this shawl is offset made it cool. She styled it around her neck a few different ways, and that convinced me that perhaps I should try it. And so I will.

By the time I arrived (around 10:30, only half-hour after the shop opened), colorways that I might have chosen in the Primo Worsted had already been snatched up. Bummer. There were lovely, lovely, lovely colors there, but I wanted something really special. I found something that I loved in the Merino Superwash Worsted, a blue-green colorway called Lindsey's Wallpaper. And then I met Liesl, who had hosted a Plucky show at her house a few months ago. She was wearing a Dark and Stormy knit in the same yarn base, and she let me touch it, and I was happy to leave with two skeins of the Merino SW instead of the Primo.

I'm happy to report that I left with exactly the amount of yarn that I had intended on purchasing, so I didn't sabotage my cold sheeping efforts too much. I met some people that I would like to see again sometime when I visit Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids. All-in-all, a great day. A Plucky day!


Andrea said...

I don't know if I could've maintained the amount of self control you did and only leave with two skeins! They sure do look squishy.

Oh, and I'm looking forward to seeing your new sock designs!

Anyssa Marvin said...

I must say, your hair looks awesome! I am glad you were able to find some lovely yarn, and am sad that you could not accommodate your yarn addicted friend. I must be destined not to have any plucky. Like I need another addiction....