03 February, 2011

Snow Day My Way

Snowtorious B.I.G.! Snowmageddon! SnOMG! Whatever hyperbolic term you want to give it, we got a lot of snow yesterday. The plows still haven't fully cleared the roads, so we have another day off today. Many people spent the day moving snow, some people went skiing or snowboarding, but here is a snow day my way.

I spent the day housebound with Mr. Scoots.

Mr. Scoots's view.

I spent quite a bit of the day chatting on Facebook, browsing Ravelry, and reading blogs. And I love this cowl and these mittens and the adorable wreath my friend made for Valentine's Day.

I photographed a few knitting projects. FO posts to come throughout this week.

I read the design chapter of Cookie A.'s Sock Innovation. I thought it might be a good idea before casting on the first sock of my own design.

Sock trio, charted and ready. Have you figured out the theme that binds them together?

I made this curry for dinner. It was pretty delicious, although the sauce turned out a bit runny. Is curry supposed to be like that? Several reviewers suggested to double the amount of curry called for in the recipe, and I agree.

I spent most of the evening untangling this skein of Malabrigo Sock yarn.

MALicious MALabrigo in Boticelli Red. Bad, bad, bad.

The Malabrigo Sock above along with this skein of Plucky Knitter MCN Fingering are going to become a Clockwork.

I just love Stephen West's patterns. I have plans to do a couple of Pogonas and a Purl Ridge Scarf as well sometime. I am doing the Clockwork for the Selfish Westknits Knitalong that runs through the rest of this month. If you have a Westknits pattern in your queue, you should come over and join us.

Speaking of Plucky, Sarah Dimond, Ms. Plucky herself, is coming to Stitching Memories in Kalamazoo for a trunk show on Saturday, and so I'm headed there for the weekend. Can't wait to meet Sarah and pet her yarns. Hopefully I will show some self-restraint and will only purchase the yarn for my Purl Ridge Scarf. And Mom promises to try a couple of new recipes out on me this weekend.

So, is it snowy in your neck of the woods? If so, what does a snow day your way look like?


SillyLittleLady said...

today's snow day looks like:

finding electric heaters because the gas in this town isn't working properly

hopefully knitting some gloves to keep my hands warm

consuming copious amounts of tea and other warm beverages :)

Good luck with the tangled Malabrigo!

anyssa Marvin said...

Awww.... Thanks! I feel famous. I love my wreath and am probably going to make another one, but with a color theme for my front hallway.
I like that scarf you are going to make with the plucky. I might have to get out some of my SG and do a KAL with you.
Now remember, if you see anything that has Anyssa stamped on it when you meet Ms. Plucky, don't be afraid to spend money for me! I'll be working to pay for it while you are spending it.

-Sam said...

Visiting from rav :) I just love that shade of Mal sock, even though yours is not behaving itself! Looking forward to seeing your finished clockwork!!