31 May, 2011

Sock Mojo?

Nope. More like sock no-go.

First, I thought that this yarn...

...wanted to be these socks.

Uh-uh. I wasn't feeling the love. I needed something simpler. So then I thought that the yarn wanted to be these socks.

Wrong again. Too tight. This yarn is indecisive. I listened to it a little more, and I thought it told me that it wanted to be these socks.

Thrice thwarted. Again, too tight. Naughty, naughty yarn went into the WIP box.

Then this yarn whispered to me...

...and I thought perhaps it wanted to be these socks.

This yarn was coy. It kept acting like it wanted to be those socks, and all was going well, but then I turned the heel and realized once again, too tight.

Then a little bird flew by and whispered, "Maybe you have lost your sock mojo because you are knitting too tightly. Maybe you are stressed. Knit simple."

So now I think this yarn...

...wants to be a pair of Desk Drawer Socks.

So all in all, I haven't had much fun knitting socks lately.

But I have had fun.

Too much STUPID FUN!


vlb5757 said...

I completely understand your sock/yarn mojo problem. I am going through that right now. So I picked up some cotton and started knitting dishcloths and washcloths. It got me knitting and I have even started looking at sock patterns again. Maybe not knitting socks right now will inspire to knit socks later?

Anonymous said...

I always have a pair of plain vanilla socks going. I have knit so many pairs that I don't have to measure anything and have how long to knit the heel, etc. down pat. I'm going through allot of turmoil on my job right now, so I've been knitting warshrags and crocheting potholders, too. I think that as long as you're knitting, it's all good, whether you are making something really complicated or knocking out those garter stitch washclothes.

Brenda in Iowa.