12 July, 2011

Plunge Pair #1 = Done!

Meet Sea Spray, the first of my finished pairs in the 26 Pair Plunge.

I cast on these socks June 12 and bound off July 2. That's 21 days total, but remember, I was knitting bits and pieces of other socks in there. My deadline for these socks is July 14, so I'm twelve days ahead of the game.

These were knit for the June Sock Knitters Anonymous challenge, which was to take a self-striping yarn and manipulate the stripes to form waves, chevrons, geometric shapes, etc.

I used a feather and fan stitch to create waves on the front of the leg and the instep, and I used plain stockinette stitch on the back for stretch.

These were the first pair of identical self-striping socks I have knit.

And my first afterthought heel. How'd I do?

Pattern: None—Did my own thing.
Yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Colortweed in colorway #1004
Needles: Size 1, 2.25 mm
Ravel it!

The next pair must be done by July 28 to stay on schedule. Wish me luck!


meg said...

Lovely socks, and I adore your color combinations! What a great way to use up bits and pieces.

K. said...

Not bits and pieces... self-striping yarn by Lana Grossa.

Beth said...

I'm impressed you can do your own pattern with the lovely feather and fan pattern. Nice.