18 June, 2011

Plunge Preparations

Plunge preparations are under way in a BIG way. The sock yarn stash has been reviewed, the queue has been updated, and lists have been made. There may even be charts and graphs and calendars on my computer. (I'm not saying there are for sure, but there might be.)

One sock has been fully knit.

I finished it in a week. Which was a big relief, because had I not been able to do that, I would not be up for this challenge. In keeping with my vow not to "cheat" too much, I will not start the second sock before The Plunge officially begins on July 1. (I may or may not be consulting a chart right now that tells me the sock should be finished by July 21 in order to stay on schedule.)

Another sock is going to be cast on soon, using this yarn:

I am naming this sock "Little Giants," and if you hail from these parts, you will know what "Little Giants" refers to and should very well be able to figure out who these socks are for.

Aside from Plunge preparations, I have been working on a little crochet project.

It's the Starling Handbag by Alice Merlino, and the small size couldn't be cuter. Perfect little bag to hold a pair of socks-in-progress. Perfect little bag to give a sock knitter. Perfect little bag to give a small child, once it has been embellished with flowers knitted and crocheted from this book. Perfect little bag to give your mom for Mother's Day, filled with soaps and handknit washcloths. You get the idea.

I have also been winding and splitting yarn like a madwoman for the second half of the Three Fates Yarn swap I am hosting for Blankie Mania.

There are twenty participants in the swap. Which means twenty skeins of yarn that have to be divided into twenty little balls like the ones you see above. The last time I checked, 20 x 20 = 400. Then those 400 evil little balls have to be made into skeinlets and labeled. And then shipped using PayPal shipping, to twenty different addresses.

And this is the second half of the swap. Which means I already sent out 400 little skeinlets back in April. This swap has now been going on for three months, and it is not yet over. I do not know what I was thinking doing this at the end of the school year. Thank God the ladies in the swap are patient, patient people.

The next time I suggest hosting a swap, I would be much obliged if someone would slap me into next week just for suggesting it. Really.

Break over. Time to make the skeinlets.

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Carol said...

Little Giants-Woo Hoo!