05 June, 2011

The Plunge Rules

So this 26 Pair Plunge thing doesn't start until July 1. But according to the rules, you can count WIPs. Now, I don't know how I feel about this. On one hand, it seems like good motivation for ADD knitters like me to finish up those WIPs. On the other hand, it seems a bit like cheating. After all, you could knit a bunch of pairs down to kitchenering the toe (or up to binding off the cuff, if you are of the toe-up ilk) and then just finish them and count them. I have decided that in order to feel as if I really challenged myself, I must knit at least 50% of the pair after July 1 for it to count in the challenge. In other words, I have to knit at least one sock of the pair. I don't have any WIPs in my box that have progressed further than that, anyway.

Which means no knitting more than one of the Man Socks this month. And they are progressing quite rapidly. I've already got half of the first leg done.

When I first knit this pattern (Charlene Schurch's Garter Rib from Sensational Knitted Socks), I thought they would never end. I even knit them with a short cuff.

Reading those old blog posts is pretty comical now. I made a bunch of mistakes and had to keep ripping the socks back. To be fair, they were only my second pair of adult socks. I think I'm much better at matching yarn to pattern now, too.

I think the Schurch books are going to come in really handy during The Plunge. I'm scouting out other fast-knitting sock patterns, too, so if you have some suggestions, please comment!

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