18 August, 2011

Stash Enhancement is Imminent

I'm not really the girly type, but I've just got to say this: SQUEEEEE!

Michigan Fiber Festival!

Stitches Midwest!

I'm going to both! I've never been to either!


In order to not completely blow a budget, I have done a very sensible thing. I have gone through my Ravelry queue and favorites and made a list of items I would like to make along with how much yarn and what type they require. I will only buy yarn that I love, and I will limit it to what is on the list below.

Here's my pattern list:
  • Spectra: How can you not love a good Stephen West pattern? Will get something scrumptious in a semisolid fingering weight for the main color, and for the contrast color, something much softer than Noro.
  • Inspira: I have been wanting to knit this gorgeous cowl ever since I saw Celery Stalks's original. Just fantastic. I have yardages for both the Mesa Rock version (worsted or Aran weight) and the Steampunk version (fingering weight). I will get one, not the other, and I'm leaning toward the Mesa Rock, because Lord knows I don't need another fingering weight project in my queue.
  • Rill: I need enough lace weight for two scarves. I'd like one skein of some sort of silk and merino blend and another skein that is made without animal fibers (for you-know-who).
  • Larix: I would really love it if someone is selling Unique Sheep yarns, but if not, I will look for something similar.
That's it. Four patterns, five projects. Pretty reasonable, huh?

Of course, it will not be my fault if other yarn grows legs and decides to leap into my cart when I'm not looking. There's only so much a knitter can do.

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Carol Jean said...

Hope you can stick to your plan-blog and let us know!