22 October, 2011

Toques for Tots

It seems like forever since I blogged about a finished object here. And now I have two!

The people at work are still procreating like mad. I'm not kidding. They are taking Genesis 1:28 quite seriously, and I thank them, because it means I don't have to. I think a couple of handknits are the least I can do to support their efforts. Ahem.

I picked up a ball of Cascade Cherub Aran in a girly-girl pink and purple colorway. It's nice and soft and best of all, inexpensive. One ball made two baby hats, making these two very, very inexpensive baby gifts.

Pattern: Baby Tri-Peak Hat by Woolly Wormhead
Yarn: Cascade Cherub Aran in colorway #508
Needles: Size 7, 4.5 mm

Pattern: Modern Rib Hat by Susan B. Anderson
Yarn: Same as above.
Needle: Size 7, 4.5 mm

Speaking of toques, the school where I teach supports our community's Christmas foundation by fundraising to provide hats and mittens for children whose families are struggling to make ends meet. The way we have done this in the past is with a bake sale, which has brought in about $400 annually. Unfortunately, due to the new health and wellness policies, we can no longer hold bake sales in schools.

While we are looking at fundraising alternatives, I told the teacher in charge of this charity event that I’d knit a few hats this year. The kids range in ages from 18 months to teens, so we need toddler through adult sizes. I'd like to make hats that I know the kids will like; I don't want to knit something they won't like or want to wear just to knock them out quickly. They deserve to be as stylish as the kids who have money. So if you have pattern suggestions, I'd appreciate a comment!

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Kashi said...

I saw you on ravelry and headed over to check out your blog. I like what you are doing with the hats. The One-a-day group will still be there when you are done and you can certainly use the hats for the group. Your blog is nice and I will keep reading it.