25 October, 2011

Tuesday's Tallies #2

Crash and burn. This week I knit one square. One measly little square. So as you can imagine, picking the square of the week wasn't difficult at all.

Square of the week: I have no idea what this yarn is, and this photo does not do it justice, either. I am a bad, bad blogger today.

And the reason I knit only one square? Because I'm still knitting these socks. These are the socks from hell.

But they are Green and White. And speaking of Green and White, this was pretty damn fantastic.

In other news, I started a new Ravelry group! Here's the little blurb that tells you what it's all about:

Do you have a large stash yet keep buying more yarn? Do you have a long queue yet keep knitting what’s new and shiny? This is the group for you! Each month, we will be selecting a letter and consulting our queues to knit a pattern that begins with that letter. Join us on our alphabetical journey as we knit down our stashes and our queues!

My A project is going to be to finish my Aquaphobia socks, which I started in March.

But I cannot start them until I finish these.



Anastacia Knits said...

i love the idea behind your new group & I just joined! btw, thank you for the tip (posted on your rav group) about sorting your queue by name, I hadn't figured out that trick before & will look forward to playing with my queue more

karisma said...

Well come on then, get knitting! LOL Knitting the alphabet sounds like fun! Love the one square you knitted in your blanket, one is better than none, I say! Good luck with those socks!

Carole said...

What a brillaint idea for a group :)

I love your green and white socks and your square is great - like Karisma says, one is better than none!

joanne said...

Love your stripy sock. Socks are on my list to learn to knit but am scared of the heel bit! Your square looks good, very autumnal colours.

Andi said...

Ok I am on board!
Love your projects. I like the green and white stripes alot!