30 November, 2011

First Snow Day 2011-2012

It is traditional for me to blog about the first snow day of the year. Last night Mother Nature unleashed like a woman scorned. She blasted us with seven inches of heavy, wet snow between yesterday afternoon and daybreak today. This is the kind of snow that snaps large tree branches as if they were mere twigs, but luckily, she spared all my trees.

And then she graced us with sunny skies and warm (well, warm for a Michigan winter) temperatures.

Fury followed with a smile.

Mr. Scoots wanted to say hi. Here he is, looking out the storm door. Can you see him? The reflection of the street almost obscures his little face.


meg said...

I hope you enjoyed your snow day! Sadly, some of my trees took a real beating. But I still love the snow!

Mom said...

Wow, you did have lots.